Signage Requirements

As of January 1, 2014 - Zoning Board of Appeals Signage Requirements

For all Special Permit, Comprehensive Permit, and Variance applications for all commercial projects and for all residential projects over two-family, the Applicant shall install signage notifying the public of the request for zoning approval. The sign shall be located in a place visible to the public, and approved by the Department of Planning and Development. The sign shall be installed one week prior to the first public notice in the local newspaper. The Applicant shall provide proof of sign installation (affidavit and/or photograph) to the Administrative Assistant at the same time as sign installation. Failure to document installation may result in a hearing continuance, at the discretion of the Board of Appeals.

The sign shall be of weatherproof material, 24 inches wide, 18 inches high, consist of black letters on a yellow background, and be mounted with a centerline 30 inches about the ground.

The text shall include the following information:

Request for Zoning Approval
Zoning Case No: [XXXX]
Hearing Date and Time: [Month DD], [Year] at [Time] p.m.
Location: Town Hall, 26 Court Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360
Property Address: [# Street Name], Plymouth, MA
Proposal: [Proposal description]
Zoning Required: Special Permit or Variance per Bylaw Section [xxx]
Contact Town Hall for further information on related Public Meetings
Town of Plymouth, 26 Court Street, Plymouth Massachusetts 02360
Zoning Board of Appeals 508-747-1620, ext. 10138

The sign shall be removed within 7 days after the public hearing.