Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program


The Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant program (MVP) provides support for Plymouth to begin the process of planning for climate change resiliency and implementing priority projects. The State awards communities with funding to complete vulnerability assessments and develop action-oriented resiliency plans.

Climate-Ready, Healthy Plymouth

In 2020, the Town of Plymouth proactively addressed future climate threats and applied for a state planning grant through the MVP program to complete a climate and health vulnerability assessment and the Community Resilience Building (CRB) Workshop.

The Town partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and the Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) to complete the assessment and workshop. Importantly, Climate-Ready Healthy Plymouth (PDF) and the Workshop outcomes reflected the expertise of Plymouth residents, businesses, civic groups, and institutions recorded through a series of public engagement events, including two public forums and five focus groups.

Vulnerable Areas Identified

Climate-Ready, Healthy Plymouth, identified extreme heat, inland flooding, sea level rise, coastal erosion, severe storms (wind, snow, ice), and drought/wildfire as the climate hazards of greatest concern facing Plymouth.

Action Grants

The Town of Plymouth is planning projects that directly align with the MVP grant program and address the vulnerable areas that have been identified. 

Reports & Resources Documents