Stabilization Funds

A two-thirds vote of town meeting or city council is required to establish, amend the purpose of, or appropriate money from a stabilization fund. A majority vote of town meeting or city council is required to appropriate money into a stabilization fund. Below are the Town of Plymouth's current Stabilization Funds:

  • General Fund (PDF) - Established as reserve accounts to provide emergency funds for use in a major or significant event, such as natural disaster, an uninsured loss, damage to a capital asset, or prolonged decrease in revenue.
  • Nuclear Mitigation Fund (PDF) - Established in FY2014 to "mitigate the tax impact to the residents/taxpayers in Plymouth, when and if, the tax payment from Entergy declines."
  • Pavement Management Fund (PDF) - Established in FY2017 "for the purpose of funding principal, interest and any other borrowing costs associated with the Pavement Management Plan submitted to the Capital Improvements Committee and funded by Town Meeting on an annual basis."
  • Facilities Maintenance Fund (PDF) - Established in FY2021 "for capital maintenance of Town-owned buildings."